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In Dallas, Texas people take their hair seriously.

Top professional hair stylist use Twisted X Shears to maintain and keep their shears sharp. The highly skilled craftsman at Twisted X Shears know sharpness can mean $$$ in your pocket and loss of it if your shears are not in top working order.

Twisted X Shears forged a path in 2006 for honing the art of sharpening fine metals. We take our job very seriously. Our promise is to provide the highest of industry standards. We are a member of The NBT Sharpening Guild.

High quality metal should be hand honed with fine detail.

Twisted X Shears provide a 12 step process to guarantee that your shears and other implements will hold their edge for a longer more accurate cutting time assuring you that your hard work will reap more rewards.

No one can give a good hair cut with dull shears, so staying sharp is fundamental to your business and long term success!


Washi Shears

Twisted X Shears is a Proud Distributor of Washi Shears

To purchase, call Mark at 972-896-3996.



  • Angela
    Mark is awesome! He is the best sharpener I’ve ever used and at a good price too. He also taught me a lot about shears and most importantly, how to take care of them. he also sells quality shears for a decent price. I wouldn’t let anyone else sharpen my shears.
    Tony and Guy
  • Todd Birkhead
    Mark Ross isn’t only good with business but he is studied and approved when it comes to sharpening shears. Even though I’m a hairdresser, I grew up in a machine shop and I know how not to sharpen end mills, drill bits and of course shears. Mark has impressed with what I believe is even more important and that’s being there for the customer. I pride myself in customer service, and he is just as excellent at that as he is at his craft. Put all that together with good pricing and you got yourself a deal.
    Todd Birkhead
    Birkhead Studio Salon
  • Ashley Baker
    Every experience with Mark has truly been an awesome experience. He has been so very helpful in educating me with the tools of my trade. He has not only shown me how to properly use them but helps me with the maintenance. He is a genuinely nice person and so very helpful. Every time he walks into my salon I know it’s going to be a great experience.
    Ashley Baker
  • Elena
    I’m really glad I met Mark!! I’ve been doing business with Mark for quite some time now. He does fantastic work on my and my other stylists shears. Also, very reasonably priced as well as professional.
    Elena’s Cuts
  • Lindsey K.
    As a professional hairstylist needing properly honed shears at all times, I always trust Mark to do an excellent job. he is very knowledgeable with his crafting it shows in his work. I never have to worry about mishaps and am always rewarded with sharp shears for months to come. And a friendly conversation comes at no extra charge.
    Lindsey K.
  • Kimberly Garcia
    I have had the privilege of working with Mark for almost 2 years. I have been in the industry for 20 years and have finally found a professional sharpener that i trust. I have purchased shears from Mark and I feel that he has stood behind his product. He is fair and does a Super job in all aspects of the business. He will have my business until one of us retires. Thank you Mark for being an upstanding person and business man.
    Kimberly Garcia

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